In the Country of Dreaming Caravans cover

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In the Country of Dreaming Caravans Gerard Houarner

Lettered Edition $40.00

Once and now, a little girl who plays with ghosts and spirits is lost in the desert…

No family, no friends, just memories of an old life in a world of cities and cars, and  a head full of visions and dreams that don’t belong in the world.

She likes to tell stories.

She stinks of camel.

Once, she will say, “The scorpion was not always a creature of pain, just as each of us was not always what we have become.”

Many times, she wonders what she is worth to the living who sell her, buy and steal her, to the spirits and ghosts and djinn and ghuls she plays with,  to the Caravan of the Dead  she comes to belong to, to the dead who wake her and are awakened by her.

Once and now, she wonders what others are willing to pay for her stories…

Lettered: limited to 26 signed and lettered copies and sold out at the publisher


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