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Ill Met By Darkness cover

Sarob Press

Ill Met By Darkness Paul Finch

Limited Edition $60.00

Artist Paul Lowe provides the rather wonderful wrap jacket painting.

Paul Finch is well known for his crime novels, in particular his very popular DS Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenburg and DC Lucy Clayburn novels, the first of the latter series, Strangers, making the Sunday Times Top 10 list. He is a two-times winner of the British Fantasy Award (2002 and 2007) and a one-time winner of the International Horror Guild Award (2007), and currently edits the brilliant British folk-horror Terror Tales anthologies for Telos Publishing.

ILL MET BY DARKNESS comprises four original chilling tales (all novelettes/novellas) written especially for this volume.

“Snicker-Snack” is a darkly disturbing study of art, monsters and guilt... beware the jabberwock, ‘the claws that catch’.

“Down to a Sunless Sea” features a weird Cretan objet d’art, an archaeological find, a legendary queen and a fiend of the Ancient World.

“The Hell Wain” takes us to a sleepy Lancashire village on Guy Fawkes Night, and introduces the horrific tradition of ‘The Bonfire Boys’.

“Spirit of the Season” explores the idea of old Christmas, strange ritual, ancient powers and age-old winter terrors.

Stoke up the fire, pour yourself a brandy or whiskey, turn on the lamp (to chase away the shadows), settle down in the flickering light, open up this darkly delightful tome and invite the fictional terrors in... but do make sure that all the doors and windows are safely and very securely... locked!

Deluxe Hand Numbered Limited Edition Jacketed Hardcover. Lithographically Printed, Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style), Foil Blocked to Spine, Quality 80gsm Munken Cream Bookwove, Coloured Endpapers, Section Sewn binding, Ribbon Marker & Head/Tailbands.


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