Hag cover

Necro Publications

Hag John Shupeck, Jr.

Lettered Edition $40.00


Ray Siplino misses his mother. But more than that, he's been having nightmares; shocking, hyper-realistic, painful nightmares. A young man emotionally and psychologically unhinged. But that's okay because he finds a source of comfort that will guide him towards his true and ultimate destiny: The Hag, the ghastly, and--unfortunately literal-woman of his dreams.-

But what Ray seeks may be more than he can handle, as night by night his dreams twist and manifest themselves into something far much more terrifying than any fantasy could offer.

Can Ray subdue the demon inside and get a grip before it's too late, or will he discover the horrible truth...what peels our eyelids back at night when we are defenseless; the forgotten memory making us cringe upon the waking hours at dawn?: Sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction, shadows move on their own, and a single thought can be deadlier than any weapon a hand has crafted. Maybe sometimes, what we imagine even comes from beyond ourselves; maybe, sometimes, the visions we see are just an inconceivable hand, desperately trying to break through from the other side.

Lettered: limited to 26 lettered and signed copies


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