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Frequencies of Existence cover

NewCon Press

Frequencies of Existence Andrew Hook

Lettered Edition $45.00

Cover Artist: Ian Whates

Andrew Hook sees the world through a different lens. He takes often mundane things and coaxes the reader to find strangeness, beauty, and horror in their form; he colours the world in surreal shades and leads the reader down discomforting paths where nothing is quite as it should be.

Frequencies of Existence features twenty-four of the author’s finest stories, including four that are original to this collection.

In “Interference” we meet Matt, who sees the world in reverse and carries a hand mirror with him at all times in order to fit in, while “The Caged Sea” delivers a cross-cultural love story that culminates in a trip to Japan’s Aokigahara forest, famed as a suicide spot, where déjà vu and jamais vu collide. In “A Knot Of Toads” we visit the picturesque Lake District, where a most particular serial killer quietly plies their trade, and “The Abduction Of Europe” takes us on a pilgrimage, following in the footsteps of Salvador Dali. 


  • Your Golden Hands     
  • The Universe At Gun Point  
  • Kodokushi  
  • A Knot of Toads  
  • The Abduction of Europe   
  • The Aniseed Gumball Kid
  • Eskimo   
  • The Last Mohican  
  • Bullet
  • A Life In Plastic   
  • Burning Daylight
  • Making Friends With Fold-Out Flaps
  • The Frequency of Existence
  • The Stench of Winter
  • A Pageant of Clouds
  • Always Forever Today
  • The Caged Sea
  • Interference
  • Softwood
  • My Naked Man
  • Tokyo In Rain
  • The Day My Heart Stood Still
  • Drowning In Air
  • White Matter
  • About the Author

Lettered limited to 26 signed hardcover copies


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