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Featured Lettered UPDATED 5 OCTOBER *

Got your attention, didn't it!

That is what this page is all about, we have over a thousand, yes over a thousand! Lettered books "hidden" in plain sight, in this website and/or on our shelves and the purpose of this page, is to help bring them to light.  

Yes, there are lettered copies we don't have up for sale and don't intend on putting them up for sale anytime soon, they are our 401K, there are others that are not on the website we may list here, and only here, for a short period of time, but the main purpose of this page is to put an everchanging link from this page to one of the many lettered books we do have for sale already on the website, sometimes at a special price for a limited time, sometimes just to let you know it is there.  We will endovour to keep this page on the top row of our homepage, whenever you go to our home page take a second to click the link, and the idea is to constantly change this page, hopefully daily, or as near to daily as humanly possible, whether the listed book sells or not.  

Note: some publishers have chosen to number rather than letter their "Deluxe State" so sometimes the books listed here will actually be numbered, but will always be the Deluxe State.

Today's Featured Lettered, if not below, can be found by following this link - yes this line is a link! CLICK HERE!



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