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Falling Angel AND Angel’s Inferno cover

Centipede Press

Falling Angel AND Angel’s Inferno William Hjortsberg

Limited Edition SOLD OUT

A spellbinding novel of murder, mystery, and the occult, Falling Angel pits a tough New York private eye against the most fearsome adversary a detective ever faced. For Harry Angel, a routine missing-persons case soon turns into a fiendish nightmare of voodoo and black magic, of dizzying peril and violent death. Many people feel that Falling Angel is the greatest American supernatural horror novel of the 20th century.

This new edition has an afterword by William Hjortsberg, the original letter from 1978 by Stephen King, an artwork gallery by Alessandro Boni, and two essays by William Hjortsberg’s friends, with photographs.

This box set also features Angel’s Inferno, the long-awaited sequel to Falling Angel!

How does Harry Angel escape policy custody? And what compels him to travel to France, start a torrid love affair with another Satanist, and discover the corruption hidden deep in Rome, where a new Satanic majesty awaits? The exploits of Harry Angel are carried an additional 450 pages to a shattering finale.

This marks the first publication ever of William Hjortsberg’s last novel. With both volumes sporting new wraparound dustjacket, endpapers, and title page illustrations by renowned artist Ricardo Martinez, and the books containing archival artwork and other bonus items, as well as essays and photographs of the author, this is an absolutely essential addition to your collection.

Edition Specifications

  • Limited to 500 copies, each signed by Ricardo Martinez and Alessandro Boni, a William Hjortsberg facsimile signature, and various demons and devils.
  • A letter from Stephen King.
  • Three afterwords and essays.
  • Top edge stain.
  • Printed in 2 colors and 4 colors.
  • Printed endpapers on Rainbow Crimson paper.
  • Ribbon marker in each book.
  • Dustjackets printed both sides.
  • Both books enclosed in cloth-bound slipcase with stamping and illustration on the spine.
  • Book sizes 5½ × 8¾ inches; 344 and 488 pages.


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