Dead Pig Collector cover

Subterranean Press

Dead Pig Collector Warren Ellis

Chapbook - Softcover $15.00
Chapbook - Hardcover SOLD OUT

Cover art and design by Molly Crabapple.

Mister Sun sees the world in unusual ways—clocking a flight from London to Los Angeles on business at forty thousand seconds, for instance, instead of in terms of hours. But then, he’s in an unusual line of work. His business is death and disposal. Taking a room at his favorite hotel, he ensures all is in order from his latest client. It seems to be…Until he arrives at the intended target’s home to find a different mess to clean up than he expected.

Amanda, said target, is interested in learning all the various processes of Mister Sun’s work. How does he break down a body, exactly? As she absorbs the details, a strange connection begins to build between the two of them. But can a happy ending be dealt from such grisly cards?

With Dead Pig Collector, award-winning, bestselling author Warren Ellis delivers a signature twisted take on life, death, and love.

Dead Pig Collector is printed in two colors throughout.

Limited: 1000 signed softcover chapbooks


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