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Clickers vs Zombies (Thunderstorm Edition) Gonzalez, JF - - Keene, Brian

Limited Edition $99.00

Black Voltage VS Series #1

From best-selling authors J.F. Gonzalez and Brian Keene comes the wildest, pulpiest, most over-the-top installment in the Clickers series yet – a crossover with Keene’s The Rising!

In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami and a series of undersea earthquakes, hordes of Clickers swarm onto the California coastline, slaughtering everything in their path. As the attacks spread to other parts of the world, humanity fights back, unaware that a second foe is about to emerge – Ob, the leader of a supernatural race of beings known as the Siqqusim, who have the ability to possess and reanimate the dead.

Now, Earth faces an invasion from not one, but two enemies – the mindless and hungry Clickers, and the evil and equally ravenous zombies. Both groups have only one goal in mind – the total extermination of the human race. But what happens when these two forces meet…

CLICKERS VS. ZOMBIES – No matter who wins, mankind loses…

Limited to 99 signed (by Brian Keene) and numbered copies and sold out at the pubilsher


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