By No Mortal Hand cover

Sarob Press

By No Mortal Hand Daniel McGachey

Limited Edition $60.00

Full Colour Dust-Jacket Art by Paul Lowe

By No Mortal Hand is a collection of antiquarian ghost stories in which ancient windows look out on nightmare scenes, bizarre clocks chime hidden hours, spectral forms haunt nocturnal forests and distant shorelines, rare books conceal terrifying contents, and dreadful secrets and dire fates are dredged up from unhallowed resting places. Whether through certain reminiscences of Dr Lawrence, a folklorist unable entirely to escape the shadow of his own uncanny speciality, or in a trio of tales that serve as sequels and prequels to the classic original works of the most acclaimed writer of ghost stories in the English language, M.R. James, or by delving into the writing and peculiar legacy of one of James’s more neglected and long-forgotten contemporaries, Dr H.S. Grace, By No Mortal Hand is a tribute to the early twentieth century’s golden age of supernatural storytelling.
  • By No Mortal Hand
  • Ex Libris: Lufford
  • If You Don’t Come to Me, I’ll Come to You
  • Some Personalia About Dr Lawrence
  • Ting-a-Ling-a-Ling
  • Night Work
  • Figures on a Beach
  • From Out of the Dark
  • Ghostly Studies, Dr Grace, and the Diodati Society
  • In a Distant Vista
  • The Deliverance of Dr Peacock
  • Afterword ~ Lurking in the Shadows
Limited: Hand Numbered Limited Edition Jacketed Hardcover; Bound in Wibalin Cloth (Fine Linen Style), Foil Blocked to Spine, Fine White 80gsm Paper, Coloured Endpapers, Sewn binding & Head/Tailbands. Approx 224pp including prelims etc.


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