Bright Morning Star cover

NewCon Press

Bright Morning Star Simon Morden

Limited Edition $40.00

Cover art by Ben Baldwin

Simon Morden’s series of novels about sweary Russian scientist Samuil Petrovich saw him win the Philip K. Dick Award in 2011, while Another War (2005) was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award, The Lost Art (2007) was shortlisted for the Catalyst Award.  
A bona fide rocket scientist, Simon holds degrees in Geology and Planetary Geophysics. In Bright Morning Star he delivers perhaps his finest novel to date, a ground-breaking take on first contact.    
Sent to Earth to explore, survey, collect samples and report back to its makers, an alien probe arrives in the middle of a warzone. Witnessing both the best and worst of humanity, the AI probe faces situations that go far beyond the parameters of its programming, and is forced to improvise, making decisions that will have repercussions for the future of our entire world.   

Limited to 100 signed hardback copies


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