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All ARC's From Bill's Collection are now on the individual title's page.

Until we get a new batch of ARC's from Bill, you will have to search for individual titles to see what we have in stock to order.


You can search Bill Schafer under the "Author" Pull Down menu to pull up all the titles we currently have in stock from his collection.

We are sorry, in advance, if there is an error in the inventory and we do not have a book you may order, rest assured we are trying our best to keep the site current!


Advance Reading Copies

As many of you know, we have been asked by Bill Schafer to sell of a bunch of his personal collection.  This consists of mostly books he has published, but also includes books from other publishers.  This page is a link to a dedicated page for Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) and differs from the rest of his offerings in that he is not comfortable selling ARCs and has made the decision that any money he receives from their sale he will donate to charity!  Along these same lines, for years we have collected and placed in storage almost all of Subterranean Press’ ARCs as they were sent to us, as we were not comfortable selling them.

About a year ago we suggested that one of our sons, who was selling stuff on E-Bay to supplement his income for college, sell off the ARCs we had in storage and split the money with his twin brother, also in college.  So we asked Bill if he was ok with this, and he said he was. Our son started the process, but about the same time started working for the University of Florida and, because of the lack of time, because of work and school, he only sold a few.  Kim and I figured if we were going to list Bill’s, the money going to charity, we might as well list ours, the money going to our charity, the boys’ college fund.

That being said, you will find that most, but not all, of the ARCs we list are as new and will have quantities of two.  If we need to distinguish them because of condition they will both be listed “Title” – Bill’s vs. “Title” – Boys’ with the defect explained (we are not going to list minor defects; remember, these are paperbacks. They may have a bumped corner, but if the damage is significant, or if they have been read with a broken spine, we will disclose same). 

If there are two listed in any quantity the first copy sold will go to Bill, the second to the boys.  In addition, if there are two of the same book/condition and one sells, the second’s price will not be lowered (it may go up). Rest assured, the second copy will not sell for less than the first. That simply would not be fair.  In the same manner, if the books are not selling, we may periodically lower the price until the first sells, at which time the price will be fixed.

So far the bulk of the books we have been sent are ARCs, too many to list in a newsletter and too many to list on an active page, so we have created a hidden page reachable through the link at the top of this page. Check it often as it will change as inventory comes in and sells, or prices may be lowered for copies not selling.  

The ARCs will be sorted by Author (last name, first name), Title and, if published by a publisher other than Subterranean, publisher.  All are new (but may have some minor defects) unless noted.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting

Tony and Kim


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