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Beardless Warriors AND Brothers In Arms Richard Matheson

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Gauntlet is excited to announce their most ambitious Richard Matheson project to date, a 2-book set: BEARDLESS WARRIORS and BROTHERS IN ARMS: STORIES INSPIRED BY RICHARD MATHESON'S BEARDLESS WARRIORS, edited by Barry Hoffman and R.C. Matheson

Richard Matheson expressed to Gauntlet publisher Barry Hoffman his desire to see his searing wartime novel BEARDLESS WARRIORS published as a signed limited edition. They had to keep pushing back the book’s release due to Matheson constantly finding (and writing) new and previously unpublished material.

Two years after his death they will be publishing BEARDLESS WARRIORS as part of a two-book set (both books, by contract, have to be sold together).

One book will contain Matheson’s novel. The second is an anthology of stories “inspired by the novel BEARDLESS WARRIORS”. Contributing to the anthology (all but one an original story) are:

  • Ray Bradbury
  • Richard Matheson
  • David Schow
  • Ed Gorman
  • Richard Chizmar
  • William F. Nolan
  • Mick Garris
  • Joe Lansdale
  • R.C. Matheson
  • Tom Monteleone
  • Mort Castle
  • Preston Sturges
  • Barry Hoffman
  • Clive Barker 
  • Gary Braunbeck
  • Kevin J. Anderson
  • Whitley Strieber
  • Chelsey Quinn Yarbro

Note: They also have tentative commitments from several other authors. Stories are due March 31 at which time we will update the list of contributors.

Cover art for the anthology is from Clive Barker. The cover for the Matheson novel is from his favorite artist Harry O. Morris.

Two highlights of the anthology include previously unpublished stories by Ray Bradbury and Matheson himself.

Bradbury’s “Final Day” was found by his bibliographer (and frequent editor of Gauntlet Bradbury titles) Donn Albright – a beautifully written story with an ominous ending. Matheson’s “The Lecture” was unearthed by his son R.C. Matheson, written when a young Matheson was at boot camp.

We are also getting the slipcase that will house both books.

All contributors (with the exception of Bradbury and Barker) will sign tipsheets for the 125 copy deluxe numbered edition. Gauntley has the tipsheets signed by Matheson for this deluxe edition.

Limited to 125 copy Deluxe Numbered 2-book set, plus our copies will come with the slipcase

Unsigned state limited to 375 copies of the 2-book set without a slipcase


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