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A Wild Tumultory Library Mark Valentine

Limited Edition $45.00

Read about the most dangerous man in the West; the poem written by a stuffed crocodile; the alchemist called the great-nephew to the Queen of Faerie; aesthetes, dandies, visionaries, antiquaries, fortune tellers and fakirs, forgotten writers and much more.

Mark Valentine’s third collection of essays explores the curious byways of literature and lore in a similar manner to his earlier volumes Haunted by Books and A Country Still All Mystery.

Taking its title from an encounter in Thomas De Quincey’s youthful wanderings, Valentine’s writing shares that author’s delight in the arcane, the recondite and the obscure.


  • Introduction
  • ‘He Saw the Absolute Coming through the Door’: Rex Warner’s Allegories
  • Through the Spaces of the Dark: G.W. Stonier’s The Memoirs of a Ghost
  • The Palace of Isis: A Note on Elizabeth Bowen’s ‘Mysterious Kôr’
  • Call for the Colonel: The Crime Novels of Philip MacDonald
  • Dusty Cathedral: The Piquant Thrillers of Edwin Greenwood
  • Pagan Mysteries in the Novels of P.M. Hubbard
  • Dorian by Candlelight
  • Narcissus of the Nineties: The Poems and Prose of Richard Le Gallienne
  • A Most Surprising Book: John Davidson’s Earl Lavender
  • Always Gaping at Weeds: Frank Kingdon-Ward, Himalayan Plant-Hunter
  • Perceval Landon’s Book of Shadows
  • J. Milton Hayes: The Green Eyed Yellow Idol Man
  • The Seer of Simla
  • The Craziest Road of All: E.H. Jones and The Road to En-Dor
  • Some Books on Tea Cup Reading
  • Three Dandies of the Thirties
  • ‘A Rather Beautiful Refuse’: Mayvale by H.E. Clifton and James Wood
  • The Ephemeral is the Eternal: Sidney Hunt, Avant Garde Pioneer
  • Of an Antiquary
  • ‘A Crocodile Truly’: The Poet of St Bertrand De Comminges
  • ‘The Rare, the Choice and the Curious’: A.N.L. Munby’s ‘The Comte de Marnay’
  • Echoes of Saumur
  • Scottish Gothic: Lord Kilmarnock’s Ferelith
  • Modern Ghosts: The Macabre Fiction of L.P. Hartley
  • The Ancient Art: The Tales of A.E. Coppard
  • ‘Great-Nephew to the Queen of Faerie’: A Note on the Grindletonians
  • At the Club of Bad Books: Dylan Thomas & John Davenport’s The Death of the King’s Canary
  • The Pierrot on the Shore: Robert Walmsley’s Winged Company
  • The Peterley Mystery
  • Zodiacs in Britain
  • The Return of the Grail
  • Beyond Tradition and Dream: Three Forgotten Authors
  • At the Sign of the Black Pterodactyl: George Hay and Books of ‘Some Other Dimension’
  • Through the Three Choir Shires: A Holiday Among Bookshops
  • Acknowledgements

Limited to 350 signed copies


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