A Little Cobalt Book of Old Blue Stories…and Stuff cover

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A Little Cobalt Book of Old Blue Stories…and Stuff Mort Castle

Limited Edition $30.00

Return with us now to those thrilling, pre-Internet days when an aspiring writer could “earn while you learn.” Mort Castle’s apprenticeship was spent writing for men’s magazines, like Dude, Gent, Mr. and Nugget, confessions magazines, True Secrets, Intimate Story, Modern Romances, and little literary magazines, including Samisdat, Abbey, and The Gar.

 A Little Cobalt Book of Old Blue Stories . . . and Stuff presents works which might otherwise be found only on the disintegrating pages of 1970s publications. Castle says these works taught him, “to write the well-made story: beginning, middle, end. They taught me I could be funny in print. And they gave me the confidence that comes from knowing people would pay for my work.”

Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies


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