A Box Full of Monsters cover

Thunderstorm Books

A Box Full of Monsters Glenn Rolfe

Limited Edition $85.00

Black Voltage #87

What’s in a box full of monsters? Small town horrors from the depths of Jade Lake to the heart of man, bitter cold and set to ruin. The darkness is within us all. Take its hand….

Beware the tentacles and green haze, the lady of the lake, what you might become. There’s something lurking in the waters of Avalon, Maine. You might never be the same.

In the town of Eckert, Wisconsin, seismic underground disturbances have a community on edge. Scientists can’t put a finger on the cause. There is a refrain whispered to those that list: Take them. Bring them. Ascend.

When Li’l Ron meets Sweet Kate beneath Abram’s Bridge, he’s both entranced and frightened. A compulsion to discover her history and her killer will drive him into a small town’s darkest secrets.

Three boys disappear playing a game they call chasing ghosts. They should have stayed away from the old Cobb house. At the edge of town, all hell is going to break loose.

Limited to 52 signed and numbered copies


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