20th Century Ghosts: 10th Anniversary Edition cover

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20th Century Ghosts: 10th Anniversary Edition Joe Hill

Trade Edition - Cinema Dustjacket $75.00
Trade Edition - Last Breath Dustjacket $75.00
Slipcased Limited Edition $225.00
Lettered Edition - Consignment - Letter Q $700 $600.00

Cover, Endpapers,  and Slipcase Art:  Vincent Chong

Anyone out there heard of this cat Joe Hill? Yeah, of course you have. And I’ll bet ya heard of Joe’s Ray Bradbury’s Fellowship award for the story ‘20th Century Ghost’ and maybe you heard he also received the William L. Crawford award for best new fantasy writer in 2006, the A. E. Coppard Long Fiction Prize in 1999 for ‘Better Than Home’ and the 2006 World Fantasy Award for ‘Voluntary Committal’. His stories have appeared in a variety of magazines, such as Postscripts, Subterranean Magazine and The High Plains Literary Review, and in many anthologies.

Well, it’s 10 years since, overloaded to the back teeth with projects,  CD Head Honcho Richard Chizmar sent Joe our way to ask if PS might be interested in publishing his collection of tales, wrapped around the title of that Bradbury Fellowship story. On the night Joe responded to my suggestion that he send me his three best yarns. I read ‘Ghost’, ‘Pop Art’ (sheer genius and containing a killer closing line) and, heck, you know, I don’t recall the third one. I do recall dropping him a line first thing the next morning and asking for a phone number and I called and we spoke and we made a deal and, well, you know the rest—20TH CENTURY GHOSTS, GUNPOWDER, HORNS, plus a little something special just down the pike that we’ll talk about a little later. But before that, just to re-whet your whistle, here’s the 10th Anniversary edition of the book that started the ball rolling and which notched up in quick succession the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, the International Horror Guild

Trade (Cinema Dustjacket):  Total of 774 unsigned copies, housed in a plain slipcase (In stock now)

Trade (Last Breath Dustjacket):  Total of 774 unsigned copies, housed in a plain slipcase (In stock now)

Limited: 200 signed, by Joe and Vinny, numbered copies, in illustrated slipcase

Lettered Edition 26-copy lettered and traycased edition signed by Joe, Ramsey Campbell, and artist Vinny Chong, 


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