100 Jolts (book) AND Audioville (CD) cover

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100 Jolts (book) AND Audioville (CD) Michael Arnzen

Limited Edition $42.90

100 Jolts (signed limited hardcover) AND Audiovile (audiobook) by Michael Arnzen

100 Jolts
The hardcover edition features:
• "Aftershocks" a bonus battery of new flash fiction
• new writing prompts
• an updated Afterword
and more
Signed by the Author on the title page

Audiovile is Michael Arnzen at his weirdest and, well, most vile. Known for his entertaining and over-the-top readings he now takes it one step further with the addition of some musical madness. This is not so much an audiobook as it is an album of flash fiction, a truly unique experience. Most of the 16 tracks are taken from the ground-breaking short story collection 100 Jolts but the CD also includes some new material.

* Psycho Hunter (3:37)
* Obictionary (2:14)
* In the Middle (2:57)
* Stress Toy (2:17)
* Dreamachinery (3:40)
* Stabbing for Dummies (7:55)
* Why Zombies Lumber (1:46)
* The Cow Café (5:55)
* Brain Candy (1:57)
* Driving the Sick Elephant (4:03)
* Take Out (1:43)
* The Seven-Headed Beast (3:51)
* Little Stocking Stuffers (1:52)
* Six Short Films About Chauncy the Serial Killer (2:19)
* A Donation (4:33)
* Not the Reaper (2:27)
Signed by Michael Arnzen on the insert of the CD case.


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