Thinner cover

New English Library

Thinner Stephen King

NAL Copy 1 $300.00
NAL Copy 2 $200.00
NAL Copy 3 $50.00
NEL Copy 1 $200.00
NEL Copy 2 $100.00
NEL Copy 3 $50.00

writing as Richard Backman

We offer a number of option here for this title.  

NAL Copy 1: This like most of our stock is not on our website, simply because we don't have the time, but with all the hoopla over "new out of the box copies" and given the fact i uncovered one over the weekend, i figured now was a good time.  15 to 20 years ago we purchased a case of Thinners from a collector in California, as i recall in that batch we got two copies of ES, numerous copies of both the gift and limited Talisman and much more.  The Thinners, we put one in our collection and over the next few years sold them and the original box.  Well one has come back to us, a few years ago a very good customer and friend passed away, we ended up with his collection and in preparing for the bookshow this month (April 2017) we finally finished going through the thousands of books in the collection and behold, one of the original books from that case, been on a shelf, out of the sun for years!  The mylar showed rubbing so we took the mylar off to see if the book showed any rubbing and no it did not!  The pages appear to have never been cracked, a truely fine/fine copy we offer here.

NAL Copy 2: We also have another copy, which appears unread but does have one minor chip the size of a pinhead at the bottom of the spine where it folds around to  the back and some very minor chipping on the bottom edge of the back of  the jacket, but it does not show white like the pinhead chip.

NAL Copy 3: A good book in a good jacket with some chipping on the edges, espeically the top and bottom of the spine of the jacket, hence the price.

New English Library: all copies have typicial browning to pages and all the white jackets show some wear in the say of "waves" in the paper, something that is there and pictures will not show as they are only visible if the book is turned just right in the light

New English Library Copy 1: .a fine book in a near fine jacket with Yellow Band

New English Library Copy 2: a very good book, with slightly bumped corners and "crunching" to some of the jacket edges, especially to the top of the spine. No band

New English Library Copy 3: a very good book, with slightly bumped corners and "crunching" to some of the jacket edges, especially to the top of the spine, price clipped. No band

Pictures available upon request, but most of what i am see is not going to show up on the pictures, hence one of the reasons we simply don't list books that are not new or as new on our site!


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