Tony’s Corner 2017-3 cover

Tony’s Corner 2017-3 * *

Orbit Hardcover 1 and 2 $400.00
Orbit Hardcover #2 $150.00
Orbit Art from Book $400.00
Orbit Potter Art $200.00
The Magic Wagon $400.00
Balfour $15.00
The Last Full Measure $15.00
Mordred $15.00
Wild Things $15.00
The Doll $15.00
The Influence $15.00
The Dropper $15.00
A Soul in a Bottle $15.00
Worlds Enough & Time $15.00
Pork Pie Hat $15.00
Camp Stalag $15.00
Darkness, Darkness $20.00
Jack in the Green $20.00
Weak and Wounded $20.00
The Women $20.00
Salome $20.00
Homestead $20.00
Sir Hereward $20.00
Amazonas $20.00
The Back of Beyond $20.00
Antho $75.00
The Fifth Heart $75.00

Orbit 1 and 2 matched hardcover set

Orbit #2 hardcover

Orbit 1 Traycased with art from book

Orbit 2 Traycased with custom art for story "Screwed Up" (orignial art)

Priced for Quick Sale
We purchased the following books from a few customers, these came from collector customers of ours, all are as new but may have some minor defect, anything major, like a bump or torn dustjacket will be noted.  Most are signed/numbered as indicated.

The following are $15.00 each:

  • Balfour and Meriweather in The Incident of the Harrowmoor Dogs    
    • Abraham, Daniel              Subterranean Press        Unsigned Trade
  • The Last Full Measure    Campbell, Jack                  Subterranean Press        Unsigned Trade
  • Mordred, Bastard Son   Clegg, Douglas                   Alyson Books                     1st unsigned Trade
  • Wild Things  Four Tales  Clegg, Douglas                   Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 1500 copies
  • The Doll                                DuMaurier, Daphne        Cemetery Dance              Unsigned Trade
  • The Influence                    Little, Bentley                    Cemetery Dance              Unsigned Trade
  • The Dropper                      McLarty                           Cemetery Dance              Unsigned Trade (2 copies)
  • A Soul in a Bottle              Powers, Tim                       Subterranean Press        Unsigned Trade
  • Worlds Enough & Time  Simmons, Dan                   Subterranean Press        Unsigned Trade
  • Pork Pie Hat                       Straub, Peter                     Cemetery Dance              Unsigned Trade
  • Camp Stalag                       Walker, Bill                    Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 1000 copies

The following are $20.00 each:

  • Darkness, Darkness        Crowther, Peter                   Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 686/750
  • Jack in the Green             DeLint, Charles                  Subterranean Press        Signed Ltd – 1271/2000
  • Weak and Wounded      Freeman, Brian James   Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 750 copies
  • The Woman                       Ketchum, Jack                   Cemetery Dance              Unsigned Trade
  • Salome (rubbing to jacket) Garris, Mick                 Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 160/750
  • Homestead                        Moore, James A.              Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 212/550
  • Sir Hereward and Mister Fritz Nix, Garth                    Subterranean Press        Signed Ltd – 593-1000
  • Amazonas                           Ryan, Alan Peter              Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 1000 copies
  • The Back of Beyond        Ryan, Alan Peter           Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 1000 copies (2)

The following are $75.00 each:

  • Dark Delicacies                  Antho                                   Cemetery Dance              Signed Ltd – 355/500
  • The Fifth Heart                  Simmons, Dan                   Subterranean Press        Signed Ltd – 418/500


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