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James Patterson 1st Editions $395.00
Catastrophia SOLD OUT
Ghosts Know SOLD OUT
The Kind Folk SOLD OUT
Letters to Arkham $25.00
The Pretence SOLD OUT
Think Yourself Lucky SOLD OUT
Thirteen Days by the Sunset Beach SOLD OUT
The Economy of Light $25.00
Urbis Morpheos $25.00
The Land Across $25.00
12 Collections & The Teashop $25.00
The Bridge $25.00
Impossible Stories SOLD OUT
The Writer, The Book, The Reader $25.00
Creatures of the Pool SOLD OUT
The Grin of the Dark $50.00
Thieving Fear SOLD OUT
Visions of Brichester SOLD OUT
Promised Land $50.00
Cage of Night $50.00
A Man Lies Dreaming With Lust of the Swastika $50.00
A Borrowed Man $50.00
Home Fires $50.00
The Sorcerer's House SOLD OUT
The Last Book $50.00
The Collected Gorman 2 vol set SOLD OUT

James Patterson 1st editions

These books were part of an estate, belonged to a customer of ours who got most if not all of them signed himself (all are signed  with no inscription).  Most are new and contain the sales slip or book signing information laid into the book.  All are 1st editions (except one as noted).  If you are a James Patterson person, here is an opportunity to put together an almost complete set of signed 1st editions at a reasonable price!
1979 The Jericho Commandment (used, some edge-ware to jacket)

  • 1980 Virgin
  • 1986 Black Market (used, remainder mark) 
  • 1989 The Midnight Club (used with previous owner's name on front end paper)
  • 1993 Along Came A Spider
  • 1995 The Season of the Machete (book club, only hardcover edition)
  • 1999 Pop Goes the Weasel
  • 2000 Cradle and All
  • 2001 Violets are Blue
  • 2002 Four Blind Mice
  • 2003 The Lake House
  • 2003 The Jester (edition of 5000)
  • 2003 The Big Bad Wolf
  • 2004 London Bridges
  • 2004 Santa Kid
  • 2005 Maximum Ride the Angel Experiment
  • 2005 Mary Mary

The following are $25.00 each:
Catastrophia                      Antho                                   PS             Signed Ltd Traycased D/100
                Traycase Bumped
Ghosts Know                     Campbell, Ramsey           PS              Signed Ltd - D/100
                Slight bump to top of spine
Kind Folk, The                   Campbell, Ramsey           PS             Signed Ltd - 69/100
Letters to Arkham             Campbell, Ramsey           PS                   unsigned trade
Pretence, The                   Campbell, Ramsey           PS                Signed Ltd - 53/100
Think Yourself Lucky       Campbell, Ramsey           PS               Signed Ltd - 53/100
Thirteen Days by the Sunset Beach Campbell, Ramsey PS      Signed Ltd - 22/100
The Economy of Light     Dann, Jack                                PS      Signed Ltd - 35/200
Urbis Morpheos               Palmer, Stephen              PS              Signed Ltd Traycased D/100
                Traycase Bumped
The Land Across               Wolfe, Gene                      PS            Signed Ltd - 56/200
12 Collections & the Teashop Zivkovic, Zoran       PS                  Signed Ltd - 262/300
                Creasing to Jacket
The Bridge                          Zivkovic, Zoran                  PS         Signed Ltd - 93/100
Impossible Stories            Zivkovic, Zoran                  PS           Signed Ltd Traycased D/100
                Traycase Bumped
The Writer, The Book, The Reader Zivkovic, Zoran            PS     Signed Ltd SC - 71/100
The following are $50.00 each:
Creatures of the Pool     Campbell, Ramsy                   PS          Signed Ltd Traycased D/100
                Traycase rubbing to picture on front
Grin of the Dark, The      Campbell, Ramsey                PS           Signed Ltd - D/200
                Slight bump to slipcase, book not affected
Thieving Fear                   Campbell, Ramsey                PS          Signed Ltd - 122/200
Visions of Brichester       Campbell, Ramsy                   PS         Signed SC Ltd 53/100
Promised Land                Dann, Jack                                PS      Signed SC Ltd 107/200
Cage of Night                  Gorman, Ed                        PS           Signed SC Ltd 49/200
                Small bump to slipcase, does not affect book
A Man Lies Dreaming with Lust of the Swastika
                                            Tidhar, Laviar                     PS      Signed Ltd - 127/200
A Borrowed Man             Wolfe, Gene                      PS               Signed Ltd - 15/200
Home Fires                       Wolfe, Gene                      PS           Signed Ltd - 27/100
The Sorcerer's House    Wolfe, Gene                      PS              Signed Ltd Traycased D/200
                Traycase Bumped
The Last Book                  Zivkovic, Zoran                  PS        Signed Ltd SC - 60/300
The following are $75.00 each:

The Collected Gorman 2 vol set Gorman, Ed        PS            Signed Ltd - 126/200
                Contains Out There in the Darkness and The Moving Coffin        
                Slight bump to bottom of slipcase, books not really affected but you can see bump in jacket


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